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Specialist Services (In partnership with IRT Consult)

As well as racking inspections, Safety Survey carry out all types of specialist services. Our services include VOC leak detection, Thermographic Inspections and Compressed Air Leak Surveys. Below we have detailed descriptions of all the specialist services we provide. If you would like more information on our racking inspection services then please contact us with your requirements.

Thermographic Inspections Thermographic Inspection Services Leader, Worldwide

Thermal Imaging is being used in a vast number of situations. The only limit is the extent of the Thermographers imagination and intuition. We provide Industry Leading Thermal Imaging Equipment and Software with Certified Trained Thermographers.


Infra-red Technology is being implemented across a range of industries and on a growing scale of applications.

Below is a list of the applications of our Thermographic Inspections. Click the corresponding numbered tab below to find out more information on each application.

  1. Cold Storage
  2. Building Surveys
  3. Mechanical Inspections
  4. Electrical Inspections
  5. Environmental Inspections
  6. Research & Development
  7. Industrial Inspections
  8. Marine Inspections
  9. Roof Surveys
  10. PetroChem Inspections

1. Cold Storage

Cold Storage

By their very nature, Cold Storage facilities have large running costs, mostly associated with electricity charges.

Looking towards conservation and energy saving makes financial sense in this world of increasing energy costs.

We can help to highlight areas of missing/poor insulation, wrongly functioning cooling systems, faulty electrical apparatus and lighting surveys.

2. Building Inspections


Our Thermographic Survey's monitor a buildings heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and identifies the areas where energy is being wasted, saving you money.

The construction of a building can leave behind their fair share of hidden problems. The development of Thermography has become the best fault finding tool.

Faults can be searched for in all kinds of heating and ventilation systems such as under floor heating, leaking valves on radiators, roof problems and much more. Locating any problems will ensure that they are resolved with the least amount of cost incurred.

3. Mechanical Inspections


Mechanical equipment can and does fail and often without any prior warning. Failure can cost thousands in the wages, lost production and delayed orders and that isn't including the cost of the repair or replacement work.

Using the maximum machine running time combined with poor maintenance, equipment can fail there may not be spare parts available.

We can locate failing or damaged components prior to costly failure happening.

4. Electrical Inspections


Thermal Imaging is great for Electrical Safety Inspections. In both domestic and commercial circumstances, it is able to identify connections or overloaded components in electrical areas. Electrical faults can lead to major failures with high costs.

Surveys are conducted whilst your equipment is working and under load. Any faults will be quickly located to save businesses money. Some insurance companies can offer discounts to regular Thermo graphic Surveying Programs.

5. Environmental Monitoring


If you monitor any potential harmful leaks to the environment then we have a solution for you. Our thermal imaging can monitor the following areas quickly and accurately than current conventional monitoring techniques:

  • Landfill sites
  • Tank Farms and Refineries
  • Suspect illegal dumping grounds
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Process and Manufacturing Plants
  • Re-claimed landfill sites
  • Gas Transmission Pipelines
  • Oil and Gas Transport Ships during the loading process

6. Research & Development


Thermal imaging can be a great way to test anything that goes through a research and development process. We use state of the art software and cameras to detect the smallest differences in temperature over a very large scale.

We capture frames and these are stored in frames at real time that allows for very detailed and extensive analysis to take place.

7. Industrial Inspections

Industrial Inspections

Infra-red inspections are a cost effective way of protecting assets. They are a valuable addition to any predictive maintenance programme. Any area can be inspected where heat or cold can be an issue.

Electrical fires are representative of 20% of large-scale fire incidents and 40% of fire loss insurance costs in industry. Accidents are commonly caused by weakened isolations, loose connections, mechanical damage and obstructed cooling.

8. Marine Inspections

Marine inspections

Marine environments such as merchant vessels need to be reliable and safe at all times.

We are able to carry out an efficient thermo graphic inspection on any vessel. We can identify any problems and ensure they are dealt with quickly and efficiently without any interruption to your schedule. The inspection will analyse the seaworthiness of a vessel. This will give you the confidence in your marine vessel for complete safety.

9. Roof Surveys

Roof Surveys

Thermal imaging is a cost effective way of evaluating the condition of roof systems. Water damaged roofing can lead to major structural damage and deterioration of structures close to the leak. Identifying an exact location will help to choose the right method for repair.

A survey should be carried out when:

  • Leaks are detected
  • Acceptance of new roof systems
  • Roofing over an existing roof
  • Planned maintenance purposes
  • Acquiring a new building

10. PetroChem Inspections


Our PetroChem inspections cover pipe works, insulation, valves, critical systems, very high temperatures, zero tolerance for equipment failure and high output demand pressures on equipment.

We survey vast amounts of pipelines that are critical using Thermography technology. We will disrupt you as little as possible.

VOC Leak Detection services can be provided for customers in petrochemical industries.

Our thermographers have all worked in varied fields of industry and as such, they bring have genuine experience and expertise. Whatever your industry or application, we can offer you impartial advice and a first class and prompt service, which will deliver industry leading reports and results no matter where in the world you are located.

VOC Leak Detection

Fugitive gas emissions can cost companies' time and money to find. Annually vast sums of revenue are invested in identifying these leaks as part of companies LDAR (Leak Detection and Repair) programmes. The majority of the mass emissions come from a small number of components with high leak rates.

Safety Survey are able to use thermal imaging cameras and equipment to find the location of a potential leak. On average we can monitor 3000 plus components per hour. This offers considerable savings when it is compared to the 500 components being monitored daily using the traditional "Hand-Held Sniffer" technology. We use a Flir Systems ThermaCAM GasFindIR HSX camera to detect any potential leaks by producing thermal imaging.

Leaks can be detected in:

Get in touch today for your accurate quotation as each site is different. We will gladly discuss your project with you in terms of price, availability, application and duration.

Compressed Air Leak Surveys

Leak Inspection & Repair

One of the most costly utilities in facilities today is compressed air. We are unfortunately aware that many plants are operating with vast leakage rates and these can be very costly. A leak inspection program and repair can vastly reduce any excessive cost of energy.

A Detailed Report

Surveys of Compressed Air Leaks can save money by assisting in the reduction of excessive energy costs. A thorough survey of your site will be conducted by our technicians and they will locate any air leaks, then provide a detailed report that includes precise cost per leak, photographs, and recommendations for the repairs required. We ensure that our surveys are carried out with no interference to your business as large areas of plant can be surveyed in one day.

What The Survey Involves

Ultrasonic sensing equipment is deployed to carry out the surveys and follow the format below:

Air leaks

The report is normally issued within 4 days of survey completion.

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